Different Types of Tiny Homes

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With the ever-rising housing market in the United States today, people are in search for more affordable housing options. Tiny homes are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to have your own home. Along with the huge savings a tiny home can give you, it has also a lot of advantages over a standard house.

Why is the tiny home trend becoming so popular nowadays? It is because the average cost of a tiny home is much lower than that of an average house. Once you have purchased your tiny house, the cost of upkeep is also low. Depending on where you park your tiny house, you may need to pay for the land rental and insurance, but in the long run, the savings on a tiny house is huge.

What are the kinds of Tiny Homes?

You will never run out of choices for a tiny home. Depending on your style and way of living, there is a perfect type of tiny house for you.

  1. Tiny House on Wheels

From the term itself, these are small structures built on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved to the perfect location. They are designed to have a warm, open feel. A tiny house on wheels is a great way to live portable and makes moving fairly easy because you just move the whole house. However, before deciding on this type of tiny house, you should know the different laws on living in a tiny house on wheels.


  1. Bus Conversions

This idea may be a little off, but there are some people who are converting to using buses as legit tiny houses. You just need to get all the seats out to really see how much room a bus has. It has also a plenty of natural light given that the walls are lined with windows. You can also choose to keep some of the bus seats to serve as pieces of functional furniture for your tiny home.


  1. Cob Houses

A cob home is a house made of clay, straw, and sand. You would think this wouldn’t make for a very durable home, but it does. Most cob houses can last for long years if properly taken good care of. It is just a matter of having the right roofing that won’t allow too much moisture to get in.


  1. Vardo Tiny Houses

A wagon is a good idea if you are living on your own and going for super tiny. Vardos were traditionally house-drawn and covered in ornate designs and have rich color schemes. At present, they are made to be pulled by vehicles and rounded at the top which helps maximize its space. This design is a big help to withstand strong winds.


  1. Trailer Tiny Homes

Trailer tiny homes are full tiny homes that are built on a trailer that is hitched to a truck. This type of tiny house was the first to get real media attention due to its unique design. The frames are typically built out of timber because it’s cost-effective and this design is usually chosen for its easy mobility.

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