Simplify and Live the Good Life

What kind of living do you have? Are you the type of living in a big house and spending money like there is no tomorrow? Or are you the simple one? You live in a tiny house where everything you need is there.

Simplifying while still living a good life may be ironic to many but this kind of living is possible. With our fast-changing world today, the economic and environmental activities around us force us to re-evaluate our way of living. A lot of people are turning into tiny house owners as the starting point of this type of living.

woodstyle little house


To simplify means to let go of the things you do not need. To simplify means choosing what is more important than what is less important. To give you an example, during the holiday season and end-of-season sales, a lot of people flock to malls to score great deals on clothes, jewelry and appliances because everything is 70% off. People end up buying different stuff even if they don’t need them. Just because they are “on sale.” Simplifying is not like that. Remember the rule on sale. “Even if an item is on sale, if you don’t need it, it’s expensive.” Learn to live simply and just keeping the things which are important.

Live the good life

Living in a tiny house doesn’t mean your life is poor. Tiny house people still live the good life. In fact, they choose to live a bigger life instead of a big house. They still study, travel to places, and meet different kinds of people. Since their houses are movable, they can go to a lot of places and interact with a lot of people. A good benefit of a tiny house is it gives the homeowner a more active interaction with the environment. Thus, tiny house people are more potentially knowledgeable of the real situation of the environment.

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